Normalizing violence against women?

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June 20, 2012 by flyaway13

This article on “Ms. Magazine Blog” broaches the topic of increasing violence against women in many areas of the world, and the apparent normalization of such violence. The author points to a specific example of photo spread in a Bulgarian magazine, featuring women with makeup that imitates various gashes and wounds, and asserts that these photos “cheapen… violence against women… [and] actively eroticiz[e] it as well.” Do you agree with this opinion, or do you believe that the photos are just an abstract expression of beauty and display the work of a talented makeup artist? When you look at them, do you automatically think of domestic violence or do you focus more on the incredibly realistic makeup? Scan the photos, read the (numerous) comments beneath them on the “Ms. Magazine Blog,” and please let me know where you stand in regards to this heated debate.


Scott, Catherine. Ms. Magazine Blog. N.p., 19 June 2012. Web. 19 June 2012. <;.


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