Women in the Olympics


August 8, 2012 by flyaway13

For some good news (in case you haven’t already heard of this courageous woman), please read the article below!


I also came across this article, which critiques the notion that women have achieved equality with men on the athletic field. Read it and let me know what you think — I found the article thought-provoking, as well as the comments other people have posted in response.



One thought on “Women in the Olympics

  1. younglee1 says:

    Interesting articles.
    Basically sexism in all forms is obviously wrong but still common especially against women , but as a man who looks after his two young children I experience it most days
    Once I even got refused enter into a kids group because some of the women objected to a mans inclusion (relegion also played a b
    I’ve written a short blog about a recent sexist experience here http://dadwithtwokids.wordpress.com/

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