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August 29, 2013 by flyaway13

I feel obligated to make a post on the recent performance by Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. 

In my opinion, what she did wasn’t as abhorrent as people have made it out to be. After watching the performance on YouTube, I was struck primarily by the stupidity of the entire show. Second, it seemed rather hypocritical for the media to criticize Miley’s antics when they took place… wait for it… while she was surrounded by other barely clothed, gyrating women!

The bigger issue here is that such a spectacle of scantily-clad, dancing women is not unprecedented. Women are objectified not only in the music industry, but in all aspects of our culture. If Robin Thicke and the other male performers had been baring skin and booty-popping alongside the women, I would not have a problem with the show — I would just write it off as a giant display of sexuality (albeit with weird teddy bears in the background…). However, the men were fully clothed and did not attempt to dance in a sexual manner. Thus, I found the production sexist and offensive, both in suggesting that women are to be valued chiefly for their sexual appeal and that men are incapable of focusing on anything else.

Until either the current trend of hypersexuality is toned down or men become participants equal to women, I will continue to fear for the future of our nation (and our world). At the moment, it seems we really haven’t progressed that much as a society; indeed, one could argue that we have gone backwards.



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