Laura Bates: “Enough is enough.”

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March 31, 2014 by flyaway13

It has been almost two years since I perused the blog “Everyday Sexism,” by Laura Bates. Though its messages were not lost on me, I had more or less forgotten the blog itself until yesterday, when a link to this article popped up on my Facebook news feed. Bates’s words are powerful, as are the stories shared on her blog. This article, written for “The Guardian,” summarizes my reaction to these stories — primarily anger and disgust — as well as outlining the cultural context in which these transgressions take place. But the statement that stopped me in my tracks was this:

I didn’t for a moment think that the problem of sexism could be solved overnight. But nor did I see how we could even begin to tackle it while so many people continued to refuse to acknowledge that it existed.”

If we are to make any progress in the fight against sexism, we must first make it absolutely, undeniably clear that it exists. I encourage you to visit “Everyday Sexism” today and, if you are female and feel so inclined, to contribute your own story.


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